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Ganja Trim

Ganja Trim is a veteran owned and operated company based in Los Angeles, California that provides scheduled trimming services for all sizes of indoor grows and outdoor farms. We have a large mobile fleet with state-of-the-art trimming machines, and the ability to trim off grid with our specially calibrated CAT generators. Best of all, we are growers ourselves. We can trim offsite or onsite and operate in Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and California as well as Canada.

Our trimming machines offer a cost effective, technological solution to a traditionally manual and time sensitive procedure that, along with added deferment for state lab testing, leads to long delays, slower turnaround on profit and the headaches of hiring, supervising and feeding small armies of nomadic trimmers at your grow location. Ganja Trim eliminates that need, with our ability to trim 33 pounds dry an hour, or 500 pounds a day per machine with just a three person crew.

We also collect 98 percent of your valuable trim in our pristine vacuum reservoir units. Our teams are ten times faster than hand trimmers at half the price with none of the hassle. Our maximum capacity is 13,000 pounds of dry trim per day with 30 machines in operation.

Our Services

Ganja Trim offers cannabis & CBD trimming by machine and complete trim collection, as well as bucking and restoration services. We are also available to consult with you on your build-out and growing methodology for indoor organic, hydroponic, outdoor organic and light depo operations.

Cannabis Trimming

Our machines can trim up to 500 pounds a day for dry flower and up to 800 pounds wet at a rate of 33 to 50 pounds per hour.

Bucking Services

We remove the bud sites from your plant stem without damaging the flower in preparation for trimming. This is a complementary service offered for all trim contracts.

Cannabis Restoration

We clean and revive plants that were shocked due to transport or climate error, so that you can enjoy a profitable harvest. Note: We do not restore plants with spider mite or mildew breakouts. These plants should be removed to prevent cross contamination immediately.

Why Choose Ganja Trim

Our company takes pride in ensuring your product at harvest is processed to your exacting standards. We are growers ourselves and have been using these machines for over a year and we stand by our work and by the quality of our service. We are committed to being the best and a company you can count on year after year.

Lightning Fast

Our machines are 80% faster than hand trimmers and have the ability to trim up to 500 pounds of dry flower per day at a rate of 33 pounds per hour.

Precision Trimming

Our machines are equipped with state-of-the-art “quick-click” technology that ensures ultra-fast, extremely efficient and precise trimming of cannabis and CBD.

Trim Preservation

We use a revolutionary radial cyclone technology to collect and preserve your valuable trim.

Private & Discrete

Our facilities are private “by invitation only.” Our mobile units are discrete, vetted and will travel to your licensed grow. All employees sign an NDA and we never disclose client information.

Mobile Services

We bring our shop to you. Our retrofitted Sprinter vans carry a crew of 2 to 3 team members along with our trimming machines, extra parts, CAT generators, power washers, vacuum trim collectors and maintence kits.

Superior Quality

As farmers ourselves, we stand by the quality of our work. Ganja Trim guarantees the consistency of your finished flower and the quality of your bud as well as the complete collection of your valuable trim.


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633 West Fifth Street, 26th Floor, Los Angeles CA, 90071