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Our Story

The idea for Ganja Trim didn’t happen to almost a year after Cannabis was legalized in California. We had a large warehouse grow, and as we budgeted and planned our ten-week flower, we realized that trimming takes too long by hand and needed a way to reduce this time to reach our profits faster.

We tirelessly researched every machine on the market, watched hours of YouTube videos and read hundreds of reviews about all the different machines to come to market. These reviews were not flattering to say the least.

After much searching, we found what appeared to be the perfect machine, but there was a catch, it was the cost of a brand-new corvette. But, with great risk comes great reward; despite protest from our grow team, we purchased the trimmer in hopes we could calibrate it and that our machine would exceed all of our expectations. It did not disappoint.

We never went back to hand trimming; this is when we saw the amazing opportunity to use our machines as a service for others grows, to save them valuable time and money. It is our sincere hope that you give our company the opportunity to help you streamline your harvest and reduce the most annoying part of growing to something you barely even notice.